Boucheron celebrates 20 years of the Quatre’s radical design that melds 4 of the jeweller’s distinct codes

The Quatre has also unveiled editions that tell stories through colours – from the purity of the White Edition to the intensity of the Black Edition, and onto the monochromatic Radiant Editions, culminating in the pristine beauty of the Double White Edition. Additionally, the collection also features single-code designs like the Grosgrain or Clou de Paris.


More than just a piece of jewellery, the Quatre pushes the boundaries of craftsmanship and design. For instance, the gold Clou de Paris band is transformed by Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) on the Classique and Black Editions, enhancing it with an evaporation technique that imbues the surface with a lustrous sheen. Meanwhile, the Blue, Red, White, and Double White Editions utilise Hyceram, a hybrid ceramic and elastomer compound known for its mirror-like finish.

In keeping with Frederic Boucheron’s innovative spirit, the maison’s creative director, Claire Choisne, weaves unexpected materials into Boucheron’s repertoire every year to challenge the notion of what’s precious. The maison’s 2020 collections saw denim transform from utilitarian to lavish, when paired with white gold and diamonds on a Quatre ring and cuff bracelet.