Brooklyn Beckham became a ‘watch guy’ after getting US$152,700 timepiece from dad David Beckham on his birthday

Brooklyn Beckham became a “watch guy” when his dad gave him a rare £120,000 (US$152,700) timepiece for his 21st birthday.

The 24-year-old, who married billionaire heiress Nicola Peltz, 28, in 2022, has built up a collection of 10 classic wristwatches including Rolexes.

He told Esquire about his favourite one – a now discontinued rose-gold Patek Philippe Nautilus worth £120,000 – being dished out by his dad David Beckham when he turned 21: “That’s my favourite watch – I wear that one every day. My dad bought that for me for my 21st birthday.

“I was doing my huge dinner for my birthday and my dad took me aside. He was, like, ‘I got you a present, let me know if you like it’.

“I opened it up and I was, like, ‘Oh my God!’ ’Cause I’ve always wanted that exact Patek.

“When I got it, I was so stunned. I was just, like, ‘Wow’. I was so surprised. “And they’re such amazing investments. Especially those ones. They’re the best investments you can get.

“I really became a watch guy when the dad gave me the Patek.”

Beckham added he also got “the old Steve McQueen Rolex Submariner” with the “old-school leather fat band” for his 18th birthday.

He went on: “And then, in the last year, I’ve got the Rolexes with the different colours – the Hulk (green Submariner), the Pepsi (red and black GMT-Master II) and the Batman (blue and black GMT-Master II).

“Those are the ones I’ve gotten lately. But, yeah – since my dad gave me that watch for my 21st I’ve been a watch guy.”

Beckham says he now has his eye on the same Patek Nautilus his former footballer father gave him for his 21st, but in white gold or a rainbow Rolex Daytona.

He added his father already has one of the rainbow Rolexes and when asked if he could persuade him to hand it down, he joked: “I might have to just take it and not tell him.”