Celebrity beauty files: Actress Ase Wang shares why she ate her placenta after giving birth


Three words describe it all.

Intrigued: The science behind beauty innovations, in particular, stem cells intrigue me. Like how the discovery of natural stem cells can rejuvenate and help with your mood and energy level, as well as, with any pains or problems that you may have. In the past, we used to look at creams and serums as just beauty products but these days, we look to its science and it’s fascinating.

Curious: I’m curious about how science has impacted beauty and how so many skincare breakthroughs can help your skin, inner beauty and health. Using your own stem cells or someone else’s to help alleviate your beauty issues is very, very fascinating to me.

Experimental: I experimented with saving some of my cord, blood and placenta when I gave birth to my daughter Kaya. I injected the stem cells back into my body and that helped a lot with stabilising my mood and replenished a lot of the minerals and vitamins that I may have lost during birth.