Choo Yilin, the Singaporean jeweller who made jade cool, is back after a 3-year hiatus

Before you rush to Choo Yilin’s website to see if you can get your hands on a design, you’ll need to know that there is no e-commerce site – for the Estate Collection or otherwise. Also, Choo does not intend to open another brick-and-mortar store anytime soon. At this point, the only way to purchase Choo Yilin is through the brand’s three-day Digital Trunk Show, which she shared, is to “likely happen” within the first quarter of this year.

People interested in getting first dibs on her creations are advised to sign up for the mailing list through the website. (Although, with some of her pieces having a waitlist of over 600 names, it’s best to temper expectations.)

“Choo Yilin is in a new phase; I don’t think mass retail is right for us at this juncture. The world has changed dramatically since the pandemic, and we believe that focusing on artistic growth and storytelling will best serve the brand for now,” she shared.

“But we’ve been humbled, amazed, and grateful for the love we still receive from our community. So, in addition to unveiling new collections and stories, we’ll have digital pop-ups a few days a year to respond to that love. The goal is not to do more of the same or follow a conventional path, but to stay true to Choo Yilin’s artistic and heritage identity. The brand will likely evolve even further over the next few years, but this feels right for us at this point in time.”