Christmas gift guide using ‘girl math’ – if you want to splurge on yourself or someone special

Christmas and presents are unequivocally linked. Shopping for someone more than often feels like a tall task, especially with a short lead time. On the other hand, shopping for yourself or the precious inner circle who are basically sisters from another mother comes a lot easier.

While we all have to manage our budget, the horizon becomes completely open if you shift your considerations dramatically from numbers crunching to emotional appeal. What has she been hankering after all year? Will her face light up when she sees it? That’s when girl math comes in particularly handy.

Girl math is essentially the investment value of the commodities that goes towards one’s happiness, calculated based on the number of times a product will be used. Used mostly by women – hence the moniker – girl math is the, ahem, cognitive justification of why we spend on big ticket items. This game of mental gymnastics breaks down cost-per-wear to assess true affordability and if the stakes are worth the while.

CNA Lifestyle handpicks star gifts that have “you’re worth it!” written all over them. And yes, if you’re thinking of gifting yourself as well thanks to that bonus that has just come in, it works too. Happy Christmas, darlings!