CNY 2024: The dragon-themed watches to celebrate the new year

Every year, the Chinese zodiac serves as an artistic muse for watchmakers, who create timepieces that interpret the 12 animals of the lunar astrological chart in their own unique ways. For 2024, the Wood Dragon makes its grand entrance on Feb10 (Sat).

The fifth animal in the Chinese zodiac, the dragon of the East symbolises courage, confidence, success, and ambition, as compared to its untameable, fire-breathing counterpart depicted in Western culture. What sets the legendary creature apart from other animals in the Chinese zodiac is that it doesn’t exist in the real world, making it one of the zodiac signs best suited for creative interpretations.

This year, each manufacture channels its creativity into crafting tribute timepieces to this magnificent being. The result? A diverse array of designs, styles, and artistic expressions to suit any taste.