Do people always say you ‘look tired’? 5 easy steps to freshen up your complexion

1. Exfoliate

Let’s face it: Ageing is a key cause behind why our skin starts looking tired. A slower cell turnover can lead to an accumulation of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface, making your complexion look dull and less vibrant, said Dr Chong.

In addition, spending lots of time outdoors under constant sun exposure, late nights, excessive alcohol and caffeine intake, as well as a poor cleansing routine can also leave the skin feeling rough.

Said Dr Chong: “Dull skin typically lacks the characteristic sheen and vitality associated with youth and healthy skin. When the skin loses its vibrancy and radiance, it can appear flat and tired. Skin that is lacklustre also often feels rough and uneven, further contributing to the perception of fatigue.”

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