Do you have flat, thin hair? Here are some strategic hairstyles to make it look fuller

Curtain, blunt or choppy, can also boost the appearance of volume and compensate for the flatness of the rest of your hair.

2. Opt for a shorter style 

Long lengths can weigh down thin strands, making them appear even more sparse, said Wee. “Shorter hair means less weight, preventing hair strands from being weighed down can create a fuller, bouncier look.”

3. Reduce stress on the roots 

Incorporate some layers to distribute the overall weight of your hair more evenly, which in turn, reduces the stress on the hair roots and prevents hair from looking flat.

4. Style your hair 

Use styling products like sea-salt sprays or volumising lifters at the roots, then use a round brush to lift hair up and away from the root as you blow-dry your hair to create the perception of having more volume.


1. Stay away from the wrong haircut