Eu Yan Sang scion Rebecca Eu launches a new jewellery brand with lab-grown diamonds

But to get back to the all-important question: How much cheaper are rinn’s lab-grown diamonds? She tells us that a diamond ring similar to her 2.25-carat, E-colour, VVS1 clarity round-cut engagement ring would cost around S$8,500 at rinn. That’s significantly less than the S$35,000 or so price tag that can accompany a stone of that quality.

“My mum and I used to sneak into wholesale jewellery fairs, and it is just so fun when you find a good deal, you know? That’s what I want. I want to pass that feeling on, and I want people to enjoy jewellery as much as I do. I mean, S$8,000 is still a big number for young people, but it’s not S$30,000. Lab diamonds are making jewellery a bit more accessible. It’s still luxury and a serious purchase, but it won’t drain you as much as it would if it was mined. Jewellery is fun, and that’s what I want rinn to be.”

For now, Eu is enjoying this latest journey and is happy for rinn (which offers ready-made pieces alongside a bespoke service) to grow organically. Plus, with a massive wedding to plan for next year, and a new lifestyle collection to finally launch for her other business Mei’s Own (a nine-year-old social enterprise online retail store that went into a pandemic-related hiatus), it looks like this is the way it’ll have to be – at least for the near future. But don’t be surprised if you start hearing more about this brand quite soon. Those prices are near impossible to resist.