Has Chanel cracked the code to anti-ageing? What exactly is the science of senescence?

New skincare products hit the market all the time, targeting a myriad concerns from dull skin to hydration, acne, anti-pigmentation and more. But throughout the decades, one aspect of skincare has remained a top pursuit by brands – the ability to turn back the clock through anti-ageing solutions. 

Ageing is a natural process faced by men and women from all walks of life, and the beauty industry has witnessed all sorts of innovation when it comes to defying the ravages of time on the skin. While every brand has its own areas of focus, Chanel’s approach to anti-ageing in women is rooted in the study of “senescence” – the phenomenon of cell ageing.


What exactly is senescence? In a nutshell, senescence is the cellular ageing process. Over time, most cells in the body are naturally eliminated and are replaced by younger cells. But some cells stop dividing, losing vitality and accumulating in the tissues. These “senescent” cells disrupt the function of other cells and accelerate ageing. And when this happens, the accumulation of senescent cells results in the signs of premature ageing on the skin, such as wrinkles, sagging skin and pigment spots.