Meet the founder of Stelar, a handbag label that preserves indigenous Bali weaving skills

If you visited Bali and didn’t buy a bamboo bag, did you even go to Bali? This ubiquitous accessory might be available at every market and street stall on the island, but not all bamboo bags are created equal.  

Ask Lorna Watson, the brains behind Stelar, an accessories brand that works directly with local artisans in Bali to preserve their indigenous skills, heritage and craftsmanship. A collection of handwoven and leather goods including tote bags, belts, wallets and clutches that capture the spirit of Bali, all of Stelar’s products are proudly made in communities, not factories.  

“We currently work with 160 different artisans that are located within their own communities in Bali, Lombok and Java,” said Watson, who has a background in fine jewellery and over 25 years of experience in the luxury goods industry. Originally from Scotland, she first came to Bali for yoga 20 years ago and attempted to start a jewellery line to stay longer, but found it extremely challenging to get the project off the ground.