Scent of love: 10 romantic fragrances for couples, plus tips on how to smell more attractive

If you’re still unsure, Monange also advised opting for oriental, floriental, woody, leathery, musky scents. “These perfumes contain heavier heart and bottom notes, which take longer to evaporate, and as such, will stick to the skin.” Plus, its heavier molecular weight and low level of volatility will also keep your perfume lingering longer throughout your Valentine’s Day date.

And of course, you can never go wrong with roses. Known for its delicate scent and symbolic importance, De Longueville shared that roses are also often used in addictive fragrances to attract as well.


1. Apply your fragrance to your pulse points, hair and clothes

Both De Longueville and Monange advised applying perfume to pulse points, like the neck and wrists. It is where the body naturally radiates heat and where blood flow is close to the surface. And this, in turn, helps maximise the scent’s sillage (how long it lasts) for a longer time.

But that’s not all. Monange also recommended spraying your perfume to the arms, tips of ears, chest and even the back of your knees if you’re wearing a short outfit.

For the hair, De Longueville suggests spraying your perfume directly onto your locks which will help create a scent trail and allow the people around you to catch a whiff of it as you walk by.

And don’t forget to spritz some fragrance onto your clothes as well. “The fibres of your clothing will trap the perfume compounds very effectively, allowing it to last longer, no matter the weather or climatic conditions,” said Monange.

2. Moisturise your skin before applying your perfume

According to Monange, while dry skin will rapidly absorb the fragrance, it will also result in it fading more quickly. A well-moisturised skin, on the other hand, “gives the fragrance a surface to adhere to, increasing its presence and longevity”.