These timepieces at Watches and Wonders 2024 set new world records in horology

To achieve this, the team ingeniously devised three mechanical “brains”, in which each drives one of the calendar’s components: The lunar cycle, solar cycle, and the Metonic cycle – all of which are programmed to function flawlessly until the year 2200. In addition to displaying the complexities of the Chinese calendar, the watch showcases another world-first: A disc that accurately indicates the variable date of the Chinese New Year.

On display at the fair, it was incredible to see the Chinese perpetual calendar’s intricate details displayed in Chinese characters on the front of the watch. The phases of the moon and the agricultural year’s 24 solar periods are featured on the back, along with a second-time zone display that highlights the earth’s global sunshine duration from a geographical perspective.

Visible on both sides of the watch, the Calibre 3752 is a technological marvel that incorporates a split-seconds chronograph, alarm, and other astronomical indications, such as a sky chart that displays the stars and constellations as seen from Shanghai in real time, as well as an accurate moonphase that won’t need adjusting for over 1,000 years. It also includes a complex triple-axis tourbillon regulator that can be admired at the back of the watch.