This Hong Kong-based entrepreneur founded Pakt – a digital wardrobe service that stores and manages your clothes

Pakt also offers a traveller service. Clients who travel frequently to Singapore and Hong Kong can leave a capsule wardrobe in storage. This can include items such as suits, evening dresses, shoes, toiletries, gym wear, electronics and more, so users of the service can arrive luggage free in their destination. “When you leave the country, we collect the items from you and we get them laundered so they are ready to wear the next time you come back,” explained Yu Larsson.

While Pakt started off as a B2C company, it has since expanded its B2B services. In Hong Kong, it partners with property developer Swire to offer its services to tenants and owners of its luxury apartments on a complimentary basis. The service is currently offered at Pacific Place Apartments and Eight Star Street. In Singapore, Pakt is offered at Mandarin Oriental’s residential suites, and the company is in talks with more Singapore-based serviced apartments.

Future rollouts on the Pakt app include a wardrobe sharing feature, where users can share their clothes with a group of friends, as well as a renting feature, where users can put their items up for rent, Yu Larsson added.

As for the company’s ultimate vision, “I’d like to think that Pakt will one day become a utility,” she reflected. “Every high-end building will offer our service because it’s just a better way to manage your wardrobe. Maybe that means you’ll have two items stored with us, or maybe you’ll have 50. It’s not about how many items you put into storage, it’s about caring for those items that require extra attention. Luxury consumption is growing in Asia, and those beautifully made items of yours deserve to be looked after.”