‘We’ve created the world’s first calibre with three jumping windows for the hour, minutes, and grand date’: Franck Muller’s head of design

Tell us more about adapting the Giga Tourbillon into the Long Island case.

The Giga Tourbillon has been in our collection for about 10 years now, but we revamped it about two years ago where certain parts of the mechanism are highlighted to draw attention to the tourbillon. For this new collection, it’s still the same large 20mm tourbillon, but once again, the trick was to fit everything harmoniously within the 36.3mm case width. Assembly must be precise as there are many small, delicate parts that can be scratched.

Describe the Long Island Evolution 7 Days Power Reserve in three words.

This was the first model we designed for the triptych, so we combined all the aesthetics and design philosophy into this model. It’s the simplest complication of the three, but a very interesting one, so we gave it a strong face and expression. Dynamic is the first word that describes the watch. I wanted to create something that was in between elegant and sporty. And since the model has a lot of power, cryptic is the second word. Lastly, it’s graphic. The idea of the inner sapphire dial began here. As you can see, the hand-painted large luminescent numbers contrast very well against the closed skeleton design. I think it imparts a dark, mysterious but modern mechanical vibe to the watch.

What can we expect from Franck Muller’s 2024 collection?

That would be creativity first and foremost, so fans can expect a wide range of timepieces in terms of watch sizes, colours and materials. For ladies, there are beautiful skeletonised models and novelties, such as the elegant 31mm Round Skeleton, and Vanguard Lady Slim Vintage in pastel colours like blue, turquoise, and sand.