What exactly is ‘beauty sleep’? How can you maximise your night-time skincare routine?

We’ve often been told that our skin protects itself during the day and repairs itself at night. It’s also why getting your “beauty sleep” is said to be very important, because that’s when our skin works hard to reverse the damage done during the day.

But how does our skin know when to do what?

The answer: Our skin’s circadian rhythm, which is governed by the presence or absence of light.

According to Dr Lynn Chiam, consultant dermatologist at Children & Adult Skin Hair Laser Clinic, this “provides the precise timing mechanism for engaging those different pathways necessary to keep a healthy skin through clock genes that are present in all skin cells”.

Dr Rachel Ho of La Clinic explained: “Trans-epidermal water loss, regeneration and repair, blood flow and skin temperature have all been shown to have circadian rhythms.”